• Raising of awareness of the opportunities offered by the new legal framework among the legal professionals and information and support to the citizens about issues dealing with cross-boarder families.

  • Creation of an informal network of partners as a permanent observatory in Family and Civil Matters. It will be established an Advisory Committee made up of representatives of different branches of the public administration, consular representatives, legal professionals, social workers, professional organizations etc.

  • Dissemination of the concrete outputs through the project website. That includes:

    •         Atlas of EU MS national regulations on matrimonial and registered partnerships property and successions regimes.

    •         Taxonomy of different forms of families, in particular transnational couples, as well as description of the impact of new EU rules.

  • Target Group Taxonomy

    The activity will be developed through the following steps:

    • Collection of data related to the situation as it is right now in the Member States. Statistics on demographic changes and trends will be provided, with a specific focus on migration (motives for migration and number of generations), and family property.

    • Analysis of collected data.

    • Taxonomy development of family groups.

    • Analysis of the laws of each Member States.

    • Identification of discriminatory rules: new and traditional patterns, but at the same time moral and material effects in the country of origin.

    • Compilation of an Atlas containing discriminatory rules still existing in force in EU Member States.

  • Analysing Cases and Legislation, collected data and national reports to establish the best practices

    The activities provided include the following:

    • Analysis of legislation and case law (EU Court Justice, European Court of Human Rights, national courts).

    • Collection of data on legal issues related to migration, family property, succession and related tax regulations and cross border problems).

    • Production of national reports and analysis of them with the aim of assessing possible impacts on the EU and at cross-border level.