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  • Brussels II bis Recast

    Brussels II bis Recast adopted

    di Ivana Kunda

    After almost three years from the European Commission proposal, the Council Regulation on jurisdiction, the recognition and enforcement of decisions in matrimonial matters and the matters of …

  • PSEFS report on methodology and taxonomy

    PSEFS report on methodology and taxonomy

    di Ivana Kunda

    Based on the data collected from all 28 EU Member States, the PSEFS project team guided by the editor Roberto Garetto made the report on research methodology and taxonomy of forms of couple's …

  • PSEFS leaflets for citizens

    PSEFS leaflets for citizens

    di Ivana Kunda

    Within the task of providing information and support to the citizens about the questions related to cross-border families, the PSEFS project team prepared two leaflets in five languages which may be …