The partnership between the University of Camerino, University of Rijeka, University of Ljubljana, University of Almeria and the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences represents a mix of experienced Universities and institutions in the field of legal science and legal research. They operate at both the national level of different EU Member States and at the European and international level. All partners also possess strong policy-oriented commitments and, thanks to their specific skills and expertise in the field of civil, commercial, family, private international, civil procedural and EU law, cover all of the key topics and challenges tackled under this international project. As with PSEFS (Personalised Solution in European Family and Succession Law), a successfully concluded international project between four of the now five team members, the selection of partners follows the idea of merging the “old” and the “new”. Put differently, the idea of bringing together “old” Member States like Italy and Spain and “new” ones, like Lithuania or Slovenia and Croatia, mirrors some of the key values of the European Union, like diversity, pluralism and openness. Like PSEFS, its predecessor, EU-FamPro builds on the well-known European motto “united in diversity”, with its purpose to recognize and implement common solutions at the European level whilst taking into account domestic specifics and legal realities. This time around, by means of taking advantage of modern and innovative approaches to education and training within an international, also on-line setting as a means of offering specialized knowledge to domestic legal professionals, administering the law in a national environment. Project partners have collaborated before and remain connected with bilateral Academic agreements and/or Erasmus+ Agreements, proving that good past experiences make for an even better and promising future!

Our partners