• Contributing to an effective application of EU law for cross-border couples in their property relations by means of professionals’ education and training.

  • Developing e-courses, training programmes and learning materials, especially on the proper use of Council Regulation (EU) 2016/1103 and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/1104.

  • Developing a pilot MOODLE e-course and, on its grounds, a MOOC (Massive On-Line Course), self-learning available on the EDUOPEN platform.

  • Enhancing the general knowledge and expertise on EU property regimes and advance the European legal culture in family matters with the use of sustainable and long-term available e-learning technologies.

  • EU-FamPro Book

    The EU-FamPro Book is an electronic, multilingual publication, offering to its readers a systematic analysis of the so called Twins Regulations, on the applicable law, jurisdiction, cross-border management, the interplay of the main EU instruments in family and civil matters, etc.

    The title of the EU-FamPro Book is as follows:


    The book is edited by Lucia Ruggeri, Agne Limante & Neža Pogorelcnik Vogrinc and is published by Intersentia..

    It can be downloaded free of charge  from the publisher's website, at the following link:

    The EU-FamPro Book  can also be downloaded from this website, by clicking here.

    The EU-FamPro Book is translated into Croatian, Italian, Lithuanian, Slovenian and Spanish. 

    The translated versions can be downloaded free of charge through the links below: 

    "Uredbe EU-A O Imovinskim Odnosima Bračnih Drugova I Registriranih Partnera"
    "Regolamenti europei sui regimi patrimoniali tra coniugi e sugli effetti patrimoniali delle unioni registrate"
    "ES reglamentai dėl sutuoktinių turto teisinių režimų ir registruotų partnerysčių turtinių pasekmių"
    "Uredbi EU o premoženjskih razmerjih med zakoncema in registriranima partnerjema"
    "Número Monografico sobre los Reglamentos Gemelos"

  • Videos package production and Supporting course materials

    Within the Project, several video-clips, lessons and video-interviews are being prepared in order to offer specific know-how and expertise to legal professionals. Project partners will adhere to common technical requirements, standards and basic characteristics of EU-FamPro.

    Supporting course materials are aimed at elaborating lecture notes for individual, self-training, offer presentation slides, select articles and other publications, quizzes and other materials as to offer to the trainees an interactive and thought provoking approach to (self-)learning.

  • EU-FamPro MOODLE e-learning course

    The MOODLE platform is to serve as the host of the EU-FamPro e-learning training course and its associated activities and materials. It offers to the Project team and trainees the necessary technical integration for a successful implementation of Project activities.

    Click here to see the Report on the Pilot Course: activities description, evaluation system adopted, collection of the trainees feedback.

  • EU-FamPro Case book

    The EU-FamPro Case Book offers a selection of most significant cases on the so called Twins Regulations and their interplay with the wider framework of EU law in an open access, e-format.

  • MOOC in the open access self- platform (EDUOPEN)

    EDUOPEN offers a bride or link between the MOODLE platform and its e-learning course and all of the activities, falling under the category of self-learning. Established in an open-access setting it should also foster and interactive dialogue among legal professionals, involved with EU-FamPro.

  • Communication and dissemination material

    Project visual identity, website and social media: EU-FamPro takes on an individualised, common visual identity, used by all Partners as to enable the visibility
    and identification of the Project among justice and other legal professionals.

    Dissemination and Promotion: EU-FamPro hosts an easy-access, visually welcoming and multilingual webpage, offering to the user, be it an invested legal
    professional or, simply, every EU citizen, a concise overview of the Project’s aim, deliverables, and content-full output. Next to the webpage, EU-FamPro and its team
    members remain present on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., as to further the visibility and recognition of the Project.

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EU-FamPro (E-training on EU Family Property Regimes) can be best described as an international project in the wider fi



  • Designing the pilot MOODLE e-course, its testing and gradual development.

  • Designing the e-courses training to