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Proposed law for the reform of the discipline of divorce allowance. A S.I.S.Di.C. webinar.

The S.I.S.Di.C. (Italian Society of Civil Law Scholars) is organising a series of webinars with the aim of presenting and discussing some draft laws prepared by the Study Commission "Family Law". Entrusting the discussion to University Professors, Magistrates, Notaries and Lawyers, the following bills relating to the Italian legal system will be analysed:  

a) Reform of the discipline of the family home pursuant to articles 337 sexies of the Civil Code and 6, paragraph 6, law no. 898 of 1970; 

b) Reform of the rules on the reservation in favour of the surviving spouse; 

c) Reform of the rules on divorce benefits. 

In the context of a consolidated tradition of Italian and European legal doctrine, it is necessary to stimulate the process of normative innovation not only with hermeneutics, but also with reform proposals. 

In this perspective, it is essential to make a comparison with the European regulatory system.

This afternoon, at 3.30 p.m., Session III will open with a discussion on the "Proposed law for the reform of the discipline of divorce allowance".

Francesco Giacomo Viterbo, who was a member of the PSEFS research team for the Fondazione Scuola di Alta Formazione Giuridica, will present the project.

Chair: Raffaele Tommasini. 

Discussants: C. Rimini, U. Salanitro, F. Danovi, M. Paladini, E. Bilotti, G. Casaburi, M. Dogliotti and L. Ruggeri, former coordinator of the PSEFS Project and now coordinator of the EUFamPro Project.

The reform of the discipline of divorce allowance is certainly a " difficult" issue, but it can no longer be avoided.

We need a reform of divorce law that focuses on the needs and requirements of couples. Those in crisis, but also those that any ex-spouse or ex-civil partner wishes to establish.

The contributions will certainly be rich in insights.

di Roberto Garetto

19 November 2021