Fátima Pérez Ferrer: published article dealing with the crime of bigamy. University of Almeria: preparatory meeting of the research team

7 September 2020

Recently Professor Fátima Pérez Ferrer, member of the PSEFS Research Proyect, published recently the article “Análisis de los problemas interpretativos y aplicativos del delito de bigamia en el Derecho Penal español (Analysis of the problems of interpretation and application of the crime of bigamy in Spanish Criminal Law)” in the Electronic Journal of Criminal Science and Criminology (RECPC 22-05-2020),. The fundamental purpose of this article is the evaluation, from a dogmatic and jurisprudencial perspective, the crime of bigamy, regulated in the Article 217 of the Spanish Criminal Code.

The article deals with the interpretative problems that have arisen in the Spanish courts in recent years in relation to typical conduct and references to Civil Law. In particular it focuses on error problems (Type and Prohibition), which also deserve special interest, and in the determination of the liability of the non-living spouse. Finally, the possible suppression of this figure from the Spanish punitive text will be questioned from a criminal political assessment.


In the meanwile the team of researchers of the Unversity of Almeria, in the framework of the Project “Personalized Solution in European Family and  succession Law”, has held a preparatory meeting for the next international Congress to be held on 24 and 25 september in Almeria with the title “Effective implementation of the regulation cross border family and sucession: challenges and opportunities”.

To the programmed events will participate, in addition to the University of Almería, the Scuola di Alta Formazione Giuridica of Camerino, UNICAM (Italy), the University of Ljubljana, and the University of Rijeka. Lawyers, judges, notaries and other professionals related to legal sciences will participate to it, discussing current issues.

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