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International conference and seminar in Almería

International conference and seminar in Almería


On Monday, 19 September 2022, we gathered in Almería to attend the EU-FamPro conference and seminar together with numerous legal professionals from all parts of Europe. The event commenced with …

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Sense and Sensibility in Cross-Border Cases: Couples' Property

The EU-FamPro is halfway through our already! In this tremendously productive period, we have learned a …

Interview given by Lucia Ruggieri, Agnė Limantė and Neža Pogorelčnik Vogrinc

In February, the volume The EU Regulations on Matrimonial Property and Property of Registered …

Different unions between same-sex people in France: from the "non-definition" of family in the French Constitution, to "Le mariage pour tous", by Jeannette Tilotta

The issue of the recognition of homosexual unions has been one of the most controversial issues of the 21st century …

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