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EU-FamPro Training Guidelines

di Roberto Garetto

The EU-FamPro Project is conceived against the backdrop of a large number of transnational couples in the EU who are in need of legal certainty and predictability concerning their rights and …

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ANONYMOUS CHILDBIRTH AND RIGHT TO KNOW YOUR ORIGINS by Salvatore Coscarelli, PHD Student in Civil Law and Constitutional Legality - Unicam

The right to know one's origins which is recognized and protected in art. 7 of the 1989 New York Convention and in art. …

THE FAMILY PACT, by Maria Paola Nico – UNICAM Phd student in Civil Law

The institute of the "Family Pact" was born in Italy with the Law of 14 February 2006, n. 55, published in the G.U. of …

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