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EU-FamPro Training Guidelines

The EU-FamPro Project is conceived against the backdrop of a large number of transnational couples in the EU who are in need of legal certainty and predictability concerning their rights and obligations in cross-border situations. These principles can be guaranteed only if legal professionals advising or deciding on these matters develop competences and skills in the pertinent EU legislation, in particular the Regulation 2016/1103 and the Regulation 2016/1104. The Project is led by the idea that the role of lawyers, notaries, mediators and judges is pivotal to facilitate and increase the actual application of these EU private international family law instruments, however, the lack of specific and up-to-date training could be an obstacle to this important task. 
During a two-year period (15 May 2021 - 14 April 2023), the EU-FamPro Project aims to realise and operationalise online training courses for legal professionals. The courses will be developed based on modern and innovative approaches to education and training, such as Moodle e-learning or MOOC self-learning courses, as means of offering specialised legal training to professionals dealing with matrimonial property relations having cross-border implications. 
The EU-FamPro Training Guidelines are a Project deliverable and represent one of the key public documents, comprising of essential building blocks of the Project, like the pilot course plan, verification strategies, etc.
The Training Guidelines, submitted on 20th July 2021, are now available in our section "Results". Click here to find out more.

di Roberto Garetto

26 July 2021